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For my kids.            For my home.            For my planet.


For My KidsTM is devoted to finding (and making where none currently exist) products that are beneficial to our children and our planet. 

When our founder, Christine Stewart, was pregnant with her first child, she began to look at the products she was using on herself and in her home and the food she was eating. What an eye-opening experience to discover that just because something is sold in the store doesn’t mean that it is safe for use or consumption—many of them can do serious harm to our bodies and our planet. She began to try to find safer alternatives to her favorite products. While there are lots of companies out there offering green options (certainly many more now than there were then), there were just some products that she couldn’t find—so she made her own. As friends would see the things Christine and her family were using, they would encourage her to sell them. Reluctantly, she began to do so. And there began For My Kids. 

When asked why she named the company “For My Kids”, Christine replied “All our products are really the result of my desire to protect my own children from harm—hence the name For My Kids. While these products are safe enough “for my kids” they are made for everyone. I think the whole concept behind going green is an altruistic one, so the green-conscious people that are interested in these types of alternatives generally have the same desires to protect their families by making their homes safer and to protect the planet for future generations. The name For My Kids invokes that same feeling of unselfish concern for the welfare of others that is behind the green movement.”


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